Blue Flower

At the last two Thursday working parties we have been cleaning and strimming the tunnel outlet, sweeping the large brick floor, removing debris from the trench where the wall collapsed and weeding the grindstones.

I put more staples in the wire netting on the new walkway and fitted an end return to the handrail to prevent people getting close to the wheel. I also mended the bench seat and checked to make sure no birds are nesting in the wheel, as we plan to turn the wheel at Mills Weekend on 11 & 12 May, we will have the model mill on display too. I also made some fence posts to rope off the cistern top to prevent it being walked on, cleared weeds from the river and cleaned off the brick area below the wheel.

The tunnel near the blacksmith shop was cleared of weeds revealing a carstone wall and a drain channel running into the bypass trench was uncovered.

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