Blue Flower

Eddie and Helen have donated some wildflower seeds, so taking inspiration from wild flower areas at the maltings, we will have a wild flower bank or meadow at the mill.

On Thursday 10 June we sorted out finds, removed information panels and took them back ready for display at the village open day. We cut all the grass at the mill and started cutting along the riverside track from the mill, we started to cut the track from the other end last time so we will complete this in the next few weeks. Eddie strimmed around all the features and edges of the site.

We saw a family of swans with 3 cygnets in the river near the mill when we arrived and on our way back they were settling down on the riverside at the other end of the track. A pied wagtail was on our visitor centre roof and information sign. At the maltings there was a family of ducks on the lawn. There were lots of banded demoiselles (damselflies) everywhere.

Brad has found an iron anchor strap in the river. This would have been set into the quoins to hold the hinge post of the mitre gate, we will put this on display at the mill. The other quoin and anchor strap can be seen in situ on the north staunch wall.

On Saturday 12 June we had a stall at Narborough Community Centre’s open day. A number of village organisations including Narborough Museum Group also had stalls to show what is on offer in the village. The most popular question was when the next open days will be, I told people that Heritage Open Days on 18 & 19 September 2021 are the next public event.

On display were the skull frontal bone, video of water wheel turning, various finds, our information board, historic pictures and photos of the restoration. We shared the model of the bone mill with the museum who are having their open day on Sunday 1 August.

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