Blue Flower

23/9/21 Our first tasks were clearing up after Heritage Open Days by taking down bunting and banners, putting finds on show outside back in the visitor centre, replacing display panels on the wagon walls, locking the water wheel to prevent it rotating and rolling up & storing the hoses used to turn the water wheel with our pump.

Narborough Museum who lent us the model of the bonemill for the HOD weekend are having another public open day at the new museum on 10 October, for details see the poster below and their facebook page.

Eddie used our environment friendly natural weedkiller on the brick floor, blacksmith, cistern and grindstone areas. We also repaired the back of the bench on the Nar Valley Way which had split. A Kestrel was hovering over the mill while we were on the other side of the river.

The river authority have made improvements to the Nar by adding chicanes to create fast flowing areas, we viewed these on our way back along the track.

30/9/21 We cut off a loose branch hanging over the track on the way to the mill, pulled weeds out of the river in front of the water wheel and cut all the grass. We didn’t need to water the Pansies as it was a rather wet day.

We want to display the remains of the boiling house as this will be next to our wildflower meadow, so Eddie dug a test trench revealing the tar floor and I used the metal detector to try and find the metal rods which were uncovered a few years ago. We will view photos of when we first explored this area to guide us and continue next week.

We looked at the new picture albums made by Debra showing the story of the mill restoration from digging in 2015 to building the visitor centre in 2018. These albums were made for the open days and were popular with visitors.

Graham Bartlett                

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