Blue Flower

Most of the bone mill volunteers have been busy with another project in the village this winter. Narborough Museum had to close in 2016 when the building was put up for sale and we are planning to re-open the museum soon.

There have always been close ties between the bone mill and the museum, many people are members of both. The bonemill volunteers helped to log the exhibits, dismantle the displays and move things into storage when the old museum closed. The model of the bone mill made by David Turner, on display in the bonemill visitor centre will be loaned to the new museum for special visits.

The bonemill volunteers have been in the Lynn News again recently when a team cleared the school footpath of fallen leaves, helped by visiting relatives from Australia.

Back at the bone mill on 14 February we had a sunny day, the snowdrops were in flower, there were four of us and we tidied up the site and looked to see what future work needs doing. There has been a collapse of the old wall in the bypass channel, one of the quoins is still in the river, weeds have covered over the stanch floor, and debris has built up in the river around the wheel area.

Barry used his metal detector and found a George III overstamped Penny, Musket balls, Bronze nails, Blazer buttons, Bronze rings and a square sectioned bronze casting.

The skies were busy, we were overflown by Marham jets and other planes, swans and buzzards

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