Blue Flower

It was a fairly relaxed Thursday this week after the busy time recently getting ready for Mills Weekend. The only work done was cutting grass, making tea and washing up.

We noticed a persistent Queen wasp has started to built a nest on the inside of the visitor centre door for the third time, we don’t know what the attraction is. We also spent some of the day drinking tea and watching the Great Tits using the nesting box near our table.

Dennis has made a wooden box and fixed it to our swinging footbridge over the river to hold bricks, these act as a counterweight and it is now possible for one person to operate the bridge.

We usually forget to put out our donations tin, Frank suggested having a water wheel which turns when you put money in, so I have made a donation box which takes bank notes and turns a model water wheel. We hope this will encourage more donations. The money is taken off site for security.

My dad, who visited the mill on 14 June 2016 gave us some tool cases for use at the mill, these are left over from when he was an instrument engineer. We often need tools and have to remember to bring them along when needed, so a few tools on site will be useful.

Beryl showed us the article in the local paper about Mills Weekend which says our mill is believed to be the only one in Norfolk where substantial workings remain.

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