Blue Flower

The barbecue was held as part of the National ‘Great Get Together’ event. Funding was supplied by Breckland Council arranged by Peter Wilkinson who came along.

The big charcoal barbecue was used, we had burgers and sausages with plenty of salad. The river made a handy drinks cooler by using baskets on rope to put tins and bottles in, being one of the hottest days of the year this was ideal.

We had canoe races from the maltings to the mill, first to take part were Fred, Abbie and Graeme, who arrived in that order. Graeme fell out twice and was soaked but made it eventually. Later the canoes were taken back again for the second race when Reo, Abbie and David took part. This was a very enjoyable day and the canoe races were great entertainment.

Interactive plan of bone mill                        Blog 08/06/2017

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