Blue Flower

On Sunday afternoon 13/3/16 we had a visit by about 30 members of Norfolk and Friends photographic group. Our car park has never been so full!

We walked along the river to the mill, I said there would be Egrets, Buzzards, Egyptian Geese and Grey Wagtails to see and they all appeared. When we got to the mill I put some recent finds on display and everyone got some good pictures of the mill including some unusual shots. There was a lot of interest in the mill and we enjoyed answering questions and explaining the work we have done.

At one point a dog fell off the wall into a shallow part of the river, fortunately a scaffold pole was used to climb down into the river and rescue her unharmed.

After photographing the site most of the group went down to the bridge and crossed to the other side, where a pair of Swans gave some good pictures. The group then walked up to capture the view from the opposite side of the mill which looked good now the sandbags have been removed.

Some of us stayed at the mill then walked back to the railway wagon which we have refurbished as a visitor centre and volunteer room, we were then joined by the rest of the party at the wagon which now has a woodburning stove and chimney installed as well as low voltage lighting.

We all had a good day, the weather was perfect, and it was really good to meet so many lovely people. Thank you to everyone who gave their pictures for this entry.

Graham Bartlett                                             Blog 17/03/16

Carole Kenyon was inspired to write this poem after her visit:-

Squatting , smiling in the sun on the banks of the Nar,
The great, rotund, rusty wheel settles and sighs,
Trailing its slatted fingers in the rushing water,
It watches and waits as the swan flies.
Waiting for man to rebuild its past,
To repair the cogs to let the wheel turn,
Waiting for yesteryear to become today,
Using the power from the waters that churn.
Once man's only tool in the grinding of bones,
Its life one of need, use and care,
'Till the whale bones stopped coming to Narborough Mill,
And the great wheel felt threat in the air.
A threat to its future, its existence, its life,
A threat to the old way of being,
When nature and man worked together, at ease,
With a God-given sense of well-being.
But now there is hope for the great steel wheel,
For enlightenment shines within some,
And the Narborough Bone Mill will turn again,
On the banks of the Nar, in the sun.

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