Blue Flower

Time lapse of the riverside wall being finished by Fred, Debra and Jim Munford on Saturday 29/8/15.  Major repairs were required due to tree roots pushing the wall outwards. In the time lapse, 3 courses of new bricks are added to the wall.  Most of the wall was repaired using reclaimed bricks found on the site and others sourced from a local farm barn that was being demolished.  As with the previous brickwork Roman Cement was used for the mortar mix, fortuitously there was enough left over after the departure of the builders who completed the earlier preservation works.

The observant will spot that at around 0:25 that the front stretchers are removed and then replaced as the new hand made bricks were found to be non standard dimensions - they were of differing lengths with many longer than standard imperial dimensions. To ensure that the joints between stretchers and headers were aligned and also followed the previous brickwork, 2 courses of new brick stretchers had to be cut to length. Towards the end of the video you can see quite a bit of dust being generated by me and the Skil Saw!   

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