Blue Flower

There is a public footpath, part of the Nar Valley Way from Narborough village along the river which passes the bone mill on the opposite bank and gives a good view of the water wheel and bone mill site.

From the main road through Narborough village near the old Chapel, turn into River Close, then keep right and take the footpath between two houses which leads to the river. Turn left along the river, the bone mill is about 0.75 miles from the village. This route is traffic free all along the river with no need to go through fields of cattle. In winter it is muddy in places.

You can return back to River Close or continue on the circular walk along the river to the road bridge and turn left along the track, then left onto the footpath between fields, over a small bridge along the edge of fields and straight on through a narrow wood, then between two fields which comes out in Meadow Road, turn right to get back to the village.

There is lots of wildlife to be seen, including swans and many other birds. If you are lucky and quiet you may see a kingfisher. If you go past the mill on Thursdays between 10:30 am and 2:00pm you can cross our footbridge and look around the mill, but we may not always be there in winter.

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