Blue Flower

We have won the top prize in Swaffham Tesco’s Bags of Help vote! This allows us to buy things we need to improve the mill and welcome more visitors. Thank you very much if you voted for us in store.

Fred had cleared the area near the containers and put the soil against the channel wall, a large hinge and bolt were found. The Thursday volunteers spread the soil, rolled it and put grass seed down. 

An oven is being made to go on the woodburner stove to heat food. As it was snowing at the last working party we had the fire alight and cut some kindling ready for winter.

We covered the blacksmith area to protect the forge from frost damage using the last of the sheeting, so the staunch wall was covered with soil to protect the bricks.

A rotary sieve was assembled and tested on the soil heaps, finds were a rib bone, Oyster shells and another large bolt.

Barry found a barge rudder in 3 pieces. He cleaned last weeks finds including coins, locket and decorated button (not to be confused with the livery button found recently). 

A piece of wood had come loose on one of the benches so this was repaired. An old metal detector was taken along and tested by looking for foil wrapped chocolate coins in a tray of sand, which it detected. This can be used for demonstrations on open days and events

John Worrall told us his article about the mill will be published in the April edition of Suffolk Norfolk Life magazine which will be good publicity for the Mills Weekend open days in May.


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