Blue Flower

Since the last update we have been watching the carrot harvest in the surrounding fields, and seeing a family of swans and cygnets growing up. We split scrap wood for kindling and brought logs to the wagon for when we light the stove and sorted through the finds to decide what to display. 

We had a number of visitors recently, walkers can cross our footbridge from the Nar Valley Way opposite, but we will not always be there on Thursdays in winter. Eddie brought a magnet on a rope for finding metal objects in the river, he found a long pin and square nut. We also removed lots of weeds and ivy from the brick floors and walls.

Plans for winter include putting carpets down to protect brickwork from frost damage, and making metal covers for the cistern, chimney and elevator pits to protect these features. We also plan to make a walkway to span the area in front of the wheel to protect it from being walked on and to allow safe viewing of the water wheel when turning.

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