Blue Flower

At the latest working parties we have been cutting grass and weeding, the lock on the visitor centre inner door was adjusted so it can be locked more easily and is more secure, and the sign for our donation box had the wooden base painted to match the box.

The family of swans visited again and were resting beside the water wheel, the cygnets are a lot bigger now. We watched them going along the river and attempting to go up the weir, but the cygnets could not make it so they all went up the bank instead.

We were discussing the re-opening of Narborough museum, many of the bone mill volunteers are involved with this, we are having a museum display at Narborough Fair on Sunday in the main hall to show the public what the museum has to offer.

Graham told the volunteers that the bonemill buildings, bridge and brick floors are now visible on Google maps satellite view as the images have recently been updated, previously it showed the site overgrown before work started in 2015.

We also talked about Ozzie who sadly died in June, he was involved in the restoration of the bone mill in the early days, and always organised the static engines display at the village fair and was a well known character from the village. See our tribute page here.

Narborough Fair is a great day out and is on Sunday 28 July 2019 at Narborough Community Centre, Chalk Lane PE32 1SR

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