Blue Flower

25 July was RAF Marham Open Day so we were looking out for planes overhead, but there were not as many this year, previously we have seen the Red Arrows over the mill.

On 27 July we had a visit from Kings Lynn ramblers group who looked around and had tea and cake and gave a generous contribution using our donation box with revolving water wheel. Their walk was cut short due to the forecast of heavy rain, so they crossed our footbridge and returned along the footpath.

Bonemill volunteers have been helping Narborough Museum Group by setting up a display at Narborough Fair on 28 July which was a success and repairing a barn where exhibits will be stored until they are put on display. 

In the village, fish ladders have been installed in the river to enable fish and eels to navigate the weirs near the maltings and we have been watching the progress of this work over the last few weeks, we are also starting to see fish in the river near the mill.

Dennis who has been a volunteer since work began in 2015 is ill, but managed to visit the mill recently with his family. We all wish him well and hope he has a full recovery. We look forward to seeing Dennis back at the mill making good use of his carpentry skills again.

The latest work included cutting back brambles and filling potholes along the track to the mill, oiling the elevator shaft and the usual grass cutting & strimming to prepare for Heritage Open Days on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 September when we will be open to the public.

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