Blue Flower

8 people were on site on Saturday, they continued rebuilding the wall beside the river on the upstream side, and hopefully have enough reclaimed bricks  for this purpose. About 700 bricks were cleaned ready for use on this wall.

The site continued to be tidied up ready for the open days.

The elevator was lifted out of the pit and cleaned. Some well preserved strips of lead were found.

The large HLF sign was fixed to the riverside wall. 

One of the metal plates in front of the wheel pit was lifted and this area would be worth exploring further as there was evidence of window glass.  It looks like a filled in drain and may have hidden treasures.

The large container floor plate had a slot ground into it which has enabled the locking mechanism to function, so a padlock has been purchased to secure the container.

A drone was flown over the site to see if aerial photography would be successful. 

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