Blue Flower

When we arrived at the mill there was mist over all the surrounding fields and it was quite cold, so we lit the fire in the railway wagon where we had several coffee breaks and ate our lunch.

Today’s task was making a wildlife habitat from a pallet left over from building the compost bay last week, I supplied a trailer full of materials. We decided the best place for the habitat would be at the back of the site, so we cleared an area by cutting down weeds. We kept the weed stalks as they had hollow centres ideal for filling some of the compartments.

I cut the pallet in half and we used bricks and rubble at the bottom to make a space for Hedgehogs. We put bricks between pallet sections to give an extra layer, finished off with another wooden layer at the top. A panel from my old carport was used to make a waterproof roof.

Eddie cut lengths of pipe which I filled with hollow stalks and seed heads from weeds. I filled a large section with Pine cones and one above with leaves, held in with wire netting. Eddie drilled holes in logs and I smashed up a broken plant pot and wooden container for the other compartments. Two roof tiles and some old wood made up the final layer. This wildlife habitat is part of our Green Community grant, which includes making things from re-used materials. There is a good view of the habitat from the wagon window. 

We then loaded up all the leftover materials into the trailer, dropping off the weeds, leaves and Pine cones in the compost bay and the wood, plastic sheets and other materials in the container. We saved the best left over Pine cones in case we make another habitat. Just as we finished, Debra arrived with Hector, we showed off our work, discussed the two grant projects and threw sticks for Hector. In the afternoon the moon appeared and the mist came back over the fields and mill. 

Eddie brought two seed feeders for the birds which he filled up and put in the trees, these are the first items purchased for the Green Community Grant. At the next work party we plan to make a display feature for the boiling house foundations, this will be part of the Wildflower Meadow project.

At The Maltings 30 new trees have been planted around the site as part of the Norfolk County Council / Defra Free Tree Scheme which Emma applied for. The illuminated Christmas tree has been put on the field opposite the holiday cottages, which looks very festive. Happy Christmas to everyone involved and interested in Narborough Bone Mill.

UPDATE In the following months the habitat has been modified with rear struts for extra strength, more hollow weeds to fill gaps, extra holes drilled in the logs, roof trimmed smaller and tiles put on top. Many insects have been seen since making the habitat area including Cadis FliesRuby Tailed Wasps, Mayfly, and Red & Black Froghopper. In September 2022 we noticed some of the drilled logs have been sealed off by insects that have laid their larvae in them. On 26/11/22 a small habitat box was made and fitted to the wall of the visitor centre.

Graham Bartlett                

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