Blue Flower

We were given a trellis which we took apart with our new pallet breaking tool, the wood was used to make stands for our insect hotels which are part of the wildflower meadow project.

We saw a Kestrel on the way to the mill and Hares in the fields. A new Acorn bird seed feeder was bought to replace the broken one, this was filled with seed and we saw a Marsh Tit eating from it. A pair of Swans went past on the river and a Heron flew over us while we were working and landed in a field.

The cover for the boiling house foundation was painted green to blend with the grass and a label was fitted to explain the feature.

Eddie and I both had some homework, Eddie took the boiling house foundation surround home to paint as it needed several coats, and I fitted one of the cameras into the tall nest box and tested it with the monitor, which worked well. We finished painting the wooden surround at the mill, Eddie painted the outside brown and I gave the inside a final coat of light green, it was left in the container to dry so it can be fitted around the foundation next time.

We cut more logs and put them in our log store, these are being used up as we have the fire alight in the wagon most working days. Eddie painted the table with wood treatment, this will need several more coats. Fred and Graeme went to the mill to measure up and prepare for building the shed extension onto the visitor centre which is part of the wildflower meadow project.

We fitted four bird nest boxes and a butterfly house in the trees around the site including one on the other side of the river. We visited Swaffham Men’s Shed to see the Owl and Kestrel boxes they are making which are nearly finished and look very impressive. Dennis of Narborough Museum has nearly finished the Sparrow terraces and sent a picture which looks really good. All nest boxes are for our Green Community Grant.

The bone mill will be open for Mills Weekend on 7 & 8 May 2022 which will be the first time for several years as the previous two years have been cancelled due to Covid.

Graham Bartlett                

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