Blue Flower

There were 6 of us working for most of today, we all went to the mill where the main task was moving the tree which was cut down at the weekend and all the other rubbish around the site, mainly broken pallets and fallen branches.  We used chainsaws to cut up the larger branches. The fields around the mill were being worked with tractors preparing for growing potatoes.

Tree roots were dug out and burned from where the tree was taken down and we explored the area. We found a square metal plate with a large central hole and four bolt holes, which looks like a machine mounting. We also found an eye-nail.

Graham crossed the river twice in waders as the river level has dropped back to normal after the high rainfall of last week. The first crossing was in the blacksmith area to measure the span for a swing bridge, then down river from the mill to prepare an area for Kingfishers to nest, as they like a soil bank with no vegetation, so part of the bank was cleared for them.

While on that side of the river, litter was picked up from the bank and the box of cards was refilled. On Saturday Graeme and Debra removed sandbags ready for the photography group visit, so Graham took this first opportunity to photograph the finished brickwork from across the river without sandbags or scaffolding spoiling the view.

We discussed various options for the site including where to locate the railway wagon visitor centre, how best to deal with the uneven floor in front of the water wheel, and how to landscape some areas. It was agreed to have grass and wild flowers in one area. Debra and Abbie joined us later and viewed our work and helped us clear up.

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