Blue Flower

SATURDAY 19/3/16
The seat and table made from machinery parts and the wagon support jacks were taken to the mill on the trailer and unloaded, the tree stump was taken away on the digger and used to repair a hole in the hedge, then the digger was used to remove soil from where the tree was removed. This revealed a large underground brick structure which appears to be a culvert from the main trench. The area next to the return wall was dug out ready for the wall to be repaired and brought level with the adjacent restored river wall.

Brieze blocks were brought along ready for the wagon stands to sit on, and cement bags in the large container were taken off the pallets and re-stacked to make more room in the container and keep the cement usable.

The earthworks turned up lots of tree roots and a number of finds, particularly an ink jar with the manufacturers name Bourne & Co clearly embossed on it and a large glass jar top which was used to store sulphuric acid used for making fertilizer. Also found was the bottom of a bottle, bottom of a tin can, and a nail with wood around it, piece of pantile and a very interesting shaped piece of flat thin glass with a curved edge.

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