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An incredibly detailed model of the Bone Mill complex has been made by David Turner. First shown to the public at Mills Weekend in May 2018, the model is displayed at open days and events in our visitor centre on a stand which is a replica of an original grindstone.

The model includes the river with sluice gates and barges plus all the mill buildings. The boiling house and blacksmith’s forge have realistic fire effects fitted by Graeme Brown, see the video.

Many of the buildings have a removable roof for views inside which show the grindstones, elevator and many other details. The water wheel section lifts away to show the wheel which was originally enclosed within the walls of the building as seen in the historic pictures.

The model will be on display at all public events and arranged visits including Heritage Open Days and National Mills Weekends. We now have a slideshow of the model which visitors can watch on our multimedia screens. The model is also taken to public events when we have a stand to publicise the mill.

The field of sheep behind the mill includes some fallen sheep, which people assume has happened when the model was in transit between the bone mill and other locations, but these sheep are actually dead from acid poisoning, relating to an article David discovered from 1867.

Graham Bartlett             

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