Blue Flower

Thursday 5th May saw our regular core of volunteers continuing preparations for the forthcoming open days. This included further levelling of the area around the wagon, touching up the paintwork on the riverside seat and table and general tidying of the site.  The large metal shaft which we believe is part of a barge rudder was also given a top coat of green paint.  Finds included a Victorian penny and during sieving of topsoil the previous weekend large metal objects were found including what appears to be a large spanner.  Dennis had finished the display box for the skull and this was fixed to the wagon wall.  Some walkers passed by on the other side of the river and promised to visit the website.

Saturday 7th May.  Fred and Debra Munford and Brother in Law David were on site on the hottest day of the year so far.  Fred continued repairs to the tunnel and channel sluice walls, David was put in charge of strimming and Debra continued levelling ready for grass seed to be spread.  Graeme arrived on site around 12:30 to find all three asleep in the wagon after an early lunch.  Some time later work restarted, additional stabilising legs were fitted to the bridge to make it more stable.  Beryl Munford and John Atkinson arrived on site later in the afternoon and helped with levelling and grass seeding.

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