Blue Flower

We loaded up with the time capsule, tools and water and went to the mill. Graham told everyone that the human skull was back from Durham University and testing is being carried out from samples taken, and that pegboard has arrived for displaying finds in the wagon, Dennis volunteered to make display cabinets.

There were 6 of us at the start, Graham and John moved the display panels in the wagon so that extra notices and photos could go between them, and David put up new pictures including a certificate showing we received a grant for the Clean for the Queen event, and a picture of the wagon being taken to the mill.

Graham was going to sow wild flower seeds but John felt we needed more discussion about where to put them and suggested they might be better at the back of the site.

David and Eddie cleaned brick wall bases near the wagon ready for them to be built up level, John and Dennis enlarged the hole to fit the time capsule which contains various items showing present day life including newspapers, magazines, and pictures, It will be opened up in 10 years time. The children of Narborough School prepared the packages for the time capsule and came along in the afternoon to put their entries in, then the top was put on and they buried it with sand.

The children were shown the bone mill site and had their pictures taken by the water wheel and elevator pit, they also enjoyed looking through the tunnel at their friends who were at the other end. We then showed the cistern which had water in it and the channels running into it. They were interested in the finds put on show including bones, nails, keys, horseshoe and jaw bone with teeth. They were very interested in the chimney base, then they looked inside the wagon and saw pictures of the restoration before they went back to school.

Dennis cooked the lunch today which we all enjoyed, and in the afternoon Eddie tried to remove and refit the table top made from a gear wheel, but despite rubbing down and oiling, it is seized on half way and will need a puller to get it off, so Dennis and John measured up to make a tool for this.

Finds in the container which had been stored in cardboard boxes that got wet were sorted by Graham and re boxed in plastic tubs and marked up. Items found at the weekend and today were recorded in the finds log. The finds were re-stacked and the containers were tidied up.

The top of the time capsule was filled with soil, raked over and covered with grass seed. Next to it a trough was dug against the wall by Eddie, John and Dennis to discourage vehicles going on the newly grassed areas, and to show the new wall.

We then went to view the blacksmith area where we plan to start uncovering next. We believe there will be a lot of finds here as scrap jobs and broken parts would have been discarded here and possibly thrown in the river.   

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