Blue Flower

Since the last entry we have been busy uncovering the large brick floor over the tunnel, the blacksmith area has been fully uncovered, the bottom of the bypass channel was cleaned, and a new wooden bench has been made with a waterwheel inset into the back. The riverside track has had all the potholes filled with earth from our digging. Over winter we made good use of the woodburner in our railway wagon and put up more displays in it.

We now have regular visits from walkers on the footpath who use our bridge to view the mill and our railway wagon. The Breckland Society also visited and one of their members took some aerial video with a drone, another gave us valuable information about our historic bricks. We also took part in National Mills Weekend which was a success, and we had a display at Docking History Fair. Narborough School and Norfolk Photography Group also visited us again.

Recent finds include a rail, believed to be part of a gantry crane or sliding door, large pieces of grindstone and a folding cooking pot found along the river bank with the metal detector.

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