Blue Flower

6 volunteers were on site today. Tasks included sorting and recording the remaining finds, this has now been completed. The area near the furnace was excavated and the trenches leading into the tunnel were exposed. Lots of bone fragments were found in this area by Adam, Dennis’ Grandson who was helping us today. The outside tunnel wall has been revealed along most of its length. A window stay, metal strap, large bolt, knuckle bone and some teeth were also found in this area.

The path trench was opened again and samples taken of the material at the bottom which was subjected to an experiment to see if it contained fat. A small amount was put in a tin and heated with a lighter to see if it would melt. It did not melt so it is assumed to be bonemeal. Samples have been kept and labelled. What appears to be a small elevator bucket was found in this area.

Markings were noticed on the original part of the brick wall on the down stream side of the wheel, an upward arrow carved into a brick and the letters HW which we assume to mean High Water as the mark is about 40cm from the top of the lowest part of the wall.

The HLF signs were removed from their packing in the container to assess where they should be placed. We are awaiting feedback for guidance on this.

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