Blue Flower

There were 5 volunteers working today. We continued to excavate the rest of the cistern top, removing vegetation and earth and exposed the whole curved top. We made the hatch waterproof by levelling up the surround with bricks and put a tarpaulin on top to prevent further water ingress as heavy rain is forecast tonight.  

The elevator mechanism near the wheel which we assumed was bolted down was found to be loose. The chute was cracked right through so this was marked up and removed, water was drained from the metal trough under the chain wheel and the pit was dug out. Then it was covered with a tarpaulin held in place by bricks to keep the feature dry.  

The curved trench running into the main trench was completely dug out and the coping stones were laid on top, with rows of bricks at the sides to discourage anyone from walking on it.  

What we had assumed was a path running from the sloping trench to the furnace area turned out to be a small covered trench about 40cm deep, filled with earth with a 5cm layer of white powdery substance at the bottom, of which a sample has been kept. A section at each end was dug out, it has now been re-covered. There were a large number of bones from this dig, some of which appear to have been cut on a bandsaw.

The water wheel only needs 4 more metal troughs replaced before it is complete. Pictures were taken so we can have a gallery on the website showing the progress of the refurbishment. The wheel appears to have turned nearly a full revolution.  The days finds were metal plates, bolts, nails, wire with a bell shaped tag, as well as the bones and material at the bottom of the small trench. These were all recorded, and also some of the backlog from previous digs.  

We were joined by a family of Swans and we watched the cygnets trying to cross the wier, which they managed eventually.  Despite the forecast of heavy rain we worked until 3pm with only a brief shower which gave us an opportunity for an early lunch.

Cllr. Peter Wilkinson, Chairman of the Parish Council and his wife visited in the morning, I showed them round the site and we discussed various ways the mill could be supported and promoted.

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