Blue Flower

Tesco joined us on 13 July, they assembled a bench, went into the river, and brought us lots of food.

Dobbies donated wild bird seed and a feeder plus many other items, see pictures. They also gave us a wooden bench with integral table and we made a small garden area and planted the cherry tree and plants they donated. We found a cast iron machinery part and buckle when digging the garden.

Balance weights were designed and a prototype fitted to the water wheel, we will make and fit more to enable the wheel to turn more easily.
All wooden chairs have now been cleaned and varnished.

The machinery area in front of the wheel was measured and a plan drawn so we can compare it to other mills. The bypass channel was weeded and Fred added brickwork to the chimney base to conserve it.

A water pump and tap was fitted in the wagon so we can now fill the washing up bowl and our new kettles more easily.

On 20 July it was the Marham airshow so work stopped while we watched the Red Arrows and other aircraft. We also saw a Cinnabar moth caterpillar and some walkers with their dogs joined us in the afternoon.

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