Blue Flower

In the last two weeks displays for the wagon doors were put up and more counterweights for balancing the water wheel were fitted. The area in front of the wheel was tidied up and we decided we need a solution to preserve the uneven floor.

We were joined by Kerry and Candy from Tesco who brought supplies for the Heritage Open Days and helped Fred building the wall. Freya, Candy’s grand-daughter enjoyed walking along the channel, looking through the tunnel and watching us working. Please vote for the bone mill when you shop at Swaffham Tesco, this will help us win a grant from their Bags Of Help scheme.

Fred and Graeme fitted a solar panel, battery and cupboard for our water pump and tap in the wagon which makes it easier to fill kettles, as we get through a lot of tea.

Heritage open days were a success, we had over 60 visitors and the water wheel was turning both days. Victoria from Dobbies Garden Centre presented us with a plaque for the garden showing they support us with donations of many items.

Volunteers who work on site every Thursday added side tables to the bench on the opposite bank as we had a request from walkers for this. Kings Lynn Ramblers passed by and had a tour of the site, and some fishermen and walkers from the footpath visited.

Earth from the spoil heaps was sifted through and we found nails, pottery, glass jar fragments, sheet metal and a strip of lead. The soil was used to fill in holes near the gardens, this will be seeded next week. Dobbies and B&Q in Kings Lynn gave us bird food and feeders which we put up in the trees.

The Blacksmith area was weeded, tidied up and dug out, revealing a brickwork plinth under the forge. In the corner various metal parts and a glass jar top were found.

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