Blue Flower

The bypass channel wall was cleaned so the brickwork can be built up, and the recently uncovered brick floor was cleared of large weeds. Reo brought his dart board along so several of us had a game of darts.

Roland who volunteered in the early days and his wife visited, we hope to see them back as volunteers soon. We also had dog walkers visiting, and a lady interested in volunteering.

The lock gate area in the river bed was cleaned up by Frank, the V pattern of the gates can now be seen clearly under water from the footbridge. In the river a geode (volcanic larva bubble) was found and Adam found a jawbone with teeth. Near the blacksmith area, small bones and a fragment of pottery were discovered when digging.

Pied Wagtails have nested in one of the wheel buckets, we took a picture of the babies without disturbing them, the following week the babies were out sitting on the wheel.

Our box of bonemill cards on the footpath had broken so a butter tub was put up as a temporary replacement and cards were topped up.

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