Blue Flower

We celebrated Reo’s birthday with cake and balloons, played cricket until the ball was lost, and had fun with a water pistol.

The machinery area and hammer mill were measured up for a site plan.
In the river a horseshoe and other items were found by Reo, and we uncovered iron lock gate fixings in the upper lock wall. The river bed floor in this area was cleaned again, the lock gate pattern, brick base and wooden beam can now be seen very clearly.

Building areas and brick floors were weeded and cleaned.
David Turner brought along a clay pipe so we could see what one looks like as we found a pipe bowl and several stem fragments at the mill.

We unpacked the Heritage Open Days publicity materials which includes a large sign, to see where they could be displayed, this event takes place on 9 &10 September when we are open to the public.

Visitors included a family and some fishermen, and we were joined by Pentney WI and some of their husbands for a tour of the mill, following a presentation at one of their meetings. They brought us cakes, scones, and sausage rolls and we enjoyed showing them the work we have done and some of the finds.

We have a new volunteer, Kalvin who joined us and we look forward to working with him. Barry is making more counterweights for the water wheel, we fitted the prototype on the outside to see which way works best, these are to balance the wheel.

We thanked Eddie for arranging the visit to Houghton Mill last Sunday which was a great success, also the Munford family for hiring and driving the minibus. Tesco joined us on this trip and brought food and drink for us all and more supplies for the mill.

Our Tesco Bags of Help application has been successful, so during September and October the bone mill will be one of 3 organisations which people can vote for in Swaffham Tesco, so please vote for us each time you shop, this will get us a grant of £1,000 to £4,000 to spend on equipment.

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