Blue Flower

At the last two volunteer days more coins including pre-decimal half-pennies were fitted on the display boards which have been modified to fit the inside wagon door.

An area of grass between the grindstones was dug out to expose the brick floor, this will be covered with a piece of framed thick glass for viewing.

The narrow area behind the base stones was filled with turfs from the brick floor cut-out to make a path to keep people off of the crumbling floor in front of the water wheel.

A retaining wall, known as The Great Wall Of Narborough was built to hide the water feed pipe which turns the wheel. Soil will be built up behind the wall and grassed over, level with surrounding areas.

The upstream brick floor was weeded as this was getting untidy, soil has been put on the downstream floor and we raked this level ready to be seeded. This will permanently protect it from frost damage.

We went into the cistern with a head torch to look for the other end of a metal rod we discovered above ground, but it is not visible inside the cistern.

The areas previously seeded with grass are already growing well. The pallet of quoin stones has been moved from the river bank so we filled the patch where they were with soil and seeded it.

Fred has bricked up more of the wall in the bypass channel upto the hammer mill, and a lot further on the other side. The wheel and machinery area were measured in more detail for a plan to be drawn up. We saw Buzzards and the usual Swans. A large bone was found.

Graham showed everyone the article in October Nar Valley News about us being part of the Tesco Bags of Help scheme and said October is the last chance to vote for us at  Swaffham Tesco.

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