Blue Flower

During our weekly Thursday volunteer working party we sieved earth from spoil heaps and used it to fill the drain feature near the chimney to prevent frost damage, a Pony shoe was found in the soil. We then put grass seed over the top including the areas filled in last week, then raked and watered it in.

The water wheel was locked with a piece of wood to prevent it moving after we had it turning for the open days. The new wagon door display had coins which have been found while digging fixed to it, including the old large pennies.

We had three visitors, they were shown round the site and had coffee and biscuits, they saw our finds inside the railway wagon including the human skull bone and pictures of the early conservation work from 2015. We asked our visitors if they would vote for us in Swaffham Tesco to help us get a Bags of Help grant, as voting is taking place in September and October.

There were four Swans at the mill, two of which settled down for a while on the dry area next to the water wheel. We also saw three Herons flying nearby.

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