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Since the last update work has started on our new visitor centre which is being funded by the Tesco Bags of Help grant. This will be a miniature version of the original mill building from the Victorian pictures. Classed as a temporary building, it will use new and recycled materials covered by a felt shingle roof.

The steel frame and solid wood floor had already been made and the roof timbers were assembled on top. On Saturday 7/4/18 we made six wall panels and the gable ends. Work then started on the dormer units. When finished the parts will be taken to site and assembled.

Inside will be a museum area to display finds from the mill and relevant exhibits from the heritage centre which recently closed. Also on display will be a new model of the mill. There will also be a store room, flushing toilet and additional storage in the roof space. The railway wagon will be retained for use as a volunteer room and kitchen.

Recent finds at the mill include an iron age brooch found on the track near the blacksmith’s shop. The latest visit to the mill showed the river level was very high and fast flowing.

Finally, there is an article about the bone mill in the April 2018 edition of Suffolk Norfolk Life magazine.

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