Blue Flower

27/8/20 On the way to the mill we saw Swans with 5 cygnets. Overhanging trees and brambles along the track were cut back ready for visitors at Heritage Open Days. Logs from last week’s fallen branch were cut up for winter use on the woodburner in the railway wagon

The overgrown garden and tunnel outlet area were strimmed, grass around the wagon up to the river bank was mown. While we were replacing the missing table on the bench opposite the mill, a large mower appeared and cut the track both sides of the river and through the mill. The donation box with revolving water wheel I made last year was repaired and tested. The temporary fence was replaced to prevent visitors walking on the cistern roof.

2/9/20 Dennis went to the mill and spent 2 hours cutting the grass in several places, including the upstream river bank, around the visitor centre and tunnel exit.

3/9/20 Signs for the various features were checked ready for Heritage Open Days, they just needed cleaning.  The short grass around the grindstones along the river wall was mown. Cyclamen were seen growing on the downstream river bank.

The cistern top and brick floor areas were weeded. Tall weeds in the river in front of the water wheel were pulled out, the other side of the wheel is under water so will need to be weeded next time with wellies.

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