Blue Flower

HOD have advised that our open days can still go ahead following the latest restrictions and there have been several work parties recently to prepare for the event. 

At the weekend David cut the long grass with the tractor, strimmed other areas and got the water wheel turning with the pump. Emma cleared the tunnel in the blacksmith area revealing the Carstone wall, and I pulled up tall weeds around the water wheel and removed a large log from the river.

On Tuesday Janis and Keith brought the gardens back to life, filled up the bird feeders, weeded the brick floors and generally tidied up.

Eddie and I went on Thursday and our first job was to remove two fallen trees blocking the footpath opposite, some of the wood will be used as fuel for our woodburner in the wagon, but most will be left as wildlife habitat. At the mill, the blacksmith area was cleared of tall weeds to reveal the remains of the forge. I waded into the river and cleared moss and weeds from the staunch floor so the feature is now visible from our swing bridge. We also strimmed nettles on the river bank to reveal Cyclamen growing there. Emma joined us and weeded the brick floors, several Red Kites were flying above us while eating our lunch.

Dennis, Brenda and their dogs went on Friday to cut the grass and clean the inlet floor under the water wheel. They spoke to some walkers on the footpath going from Litcham to Kings Lynn.

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