Blue Flower

At the latest work parties we cut the grass with a ride on mower which has been kindly loaned to us every Thursday by Owen and Maria, this has enabled Eddie and I to cut all the grass at the mill in one session. This includes grass next to the visitor centre where the saladin box is on display and the large lawn in the garden area. We cut the grass around the grindstones along the river wall with the push mower and strimmer.

Ivy was cleared from the mitre gate fittings in the upper staunch from the top of the bank, but we need to clear the whole wall using a ladder in the river to fully reveal the iron gate fittings. A sprocket found in 2017 when digging the site was displayed on the new shelves in the visitor centre. We also put out bird food in the feeder which was soon eaten by great tits and blue tits. 

Pied and grey wagtails were around most of the time, we also had a visit from a hare which sat by the chimney until it saw us and ran away. A muntjac deer was in the field across the river and a jay flew over the field several times. Swans are nesting just upstream from the mill.

The water wheel has now been secured to the metal feed pipe with a padlock and chain to prevent any accidents from the wheel moving, this can be easily unlocked for open days when we have the wheel turning with our pump.

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