Blue Flower

In the last two weeks we put everything back on display in the visitor centre and railway wagon after taking things to the community centre for the village open day on Saturday 12 June.

There were a lot of damsel flies again, mainly in the river which has lots of flowers on the surface that look a bit like daisies. Eddie cut down large weeds on the brick floor and strimmed around the grindstones.

Large poppies have come up at the end of the visitor centre, when they finish flowering we will keep the seeds to use in our wildflower area which we plan to create next season.

The lock on the visitor centre inner door needed adjustment as it would not lock, so I took it apart and filed out the striker plate, it is now secure and easy to lock.

Peter has cut the entire riverside track with the flail and tractor, so we were able to focus on cutting all the grass at the mill which had grown after the recent rain.

We tested the metal detector which is for visitors and volunteers to use, this is still working. We will check the soil heaps with the detector to see if anything interesting is there soon.

The final job was pulling up large weeds from the bypass channel and putting them on the compost heap, we got about ¾ of the length done, next time we will complete this. The channel contains the metal water feed pipe and irrigation hose used to turn the water wheel with the pump for open days.

The swans are still a family of five and we saw a kestrel fly into a tree opposite the mill. Pied and grey wagtails were flying around the mill and Marham jets flew over several times.

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