Blue Flower

LATEST NEWS Our grant application to Norfolk Community Foundation has been successful! This is for creating a wildflower meadow in the wasteland area. We will level out the soil heaps and plant wildflower seeds. A wooden shed will replace the green container and there will be insect houses, mown pathways, a picnic bench and information signs about the wildlife.

Work Party Wednesday 11/8/21  More clay pipes were put on the display board, these were found in the river several years ago. Clay pipes were supplied full of tobacco and were discarded after being smoked which is why so many are found. 

As well as cutting grass at the mill, we took the push mower and strimmer across the bridge and cut the footpath opposite the mill and strimmed under the bench and along the edges. We saw a yellow Brimstone butterfly and a Buzzard.

We had visits from Garry, Bernice and their dog Nellie, as well as Louise and Neil who all looked around the site and saw our visitor centre, then relaxed by the river.

I cleaned the Perspex panel on our walkway as it was covered in green algae on both sides. This protects visitors from the revolving water wheel hub. We also removed and cleaned the glass panel covering the exposed floor between the grindstones and removed weeds from this area and under the glass.

Eddie cleared tall nettles from the river bank which exposed an iron bracket in the ground, this is part of the boiling house foundations which is next to the blacksmith’s shop.

Thursday 12/8/21 We had another session clearing the overgrown Nar Valley Way footpath with two strimmers. The entire section needs cutting so I have contacted Norfolk council who are supposed to keep public footpaths clear.

Thursday 19/8/21 I measured the visitor centre so we can work out how many featheredge boards we need to make a shed in the style of this building to replace the green container as part of our wildflower project. 

Visitors today were Graham and Melinda who crossed our bridge to look around the mill and take photographs. They gave a generous contribution in our donation box.

Eddie pulled up large weeds from the brick floor, about ¾ of this is now done, he also weeded the machinery area under the walkway. There was a Tortoiseshell butterfly on the brick floor.

We cut the riverside grass and I replaced a broken cable tie holding one of the side tables to the bench on the Nar Valley Way. At the end of the day we strimmed the footpath near the village again which the council have still not cut.

OPEN DAYS We will be taking part in Heritage Open Days on 18 & 19 September, no booking will be needed this year, for details see our entry on the HOD website.

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