Blue Flower

The recent work parties were preparing for Heritage Open Days. We cut the grass, weeded all areas, watered the garden, strimmed the river bank and cut back overhanging trees and brambles along the track ready for our transport vehicles and visitors walking to the site.

I cut away weeds in the river so the pintle in the river bed where the mitre gates closed can be seen, while working there I cleared brambles from the metal lock gate fittings. I made a laminated sign for the anchor strap found in the river so it can be displayed and an info board for the Blacksmith’s shop area. The footbridge was difficult to swing into position, so I removed the floor board over the bearing and saw the swivel was clogged with Ivy, I cut it all away which cured the problem.

Una from Kent crossed our bridge while we were working and I showed her around the site and our visitor centre. We always welcome visitors when we are there, we now have a sign on the bridge inviting walkers to cross and look around.

On Friday Eddie and I put out the car park signs, cleaned and put HOD banners on the entrance to the car park and our footbridge, as some visitors join us from the Nar Valley Way footpath opposite the mill. We also cleaned and put up bunting on the visitor centre and took the pump and hoses to site. David set up and tested the pump and got the water wheel turning.

Other jobs included cleaning the contacts in the donation box with revolving water wheel and testing it, oiling the real water wheel bearings and filling the water tank for our flushing toilet.

Wildlife seen recently was a Lizard in a pile of bricks, a Wren on the walkway, Grey Wagtails on the posts in the river, a Red Admiral Butterfly next to the water wheel and Swans in the river. Our next project will be our wildflower meadow which we will be starting soon.

Graham Bartlett                

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