Blue Flower

LATEST NEWS We have been awarded a Green Community Grant from Breckland Council for our project which focuses on helping wildlife, encouraging cycling, renewable energy, recycling and re use. See our project page for full details.

Peter Wilkinson has always supported the mill including both our recent grant applications, he visited the bone mill on 19/11/21 with fellow councillors, the Green Community Grants team and the local press. I gave them a brief tour and history of the mill and explained our project, then Councillors Ian Sherwood and Peter Wilkinson presented me with the cheque.

At the work party on Wednesday 17/11/21 we tidied up, mowed the grass and cut nettles & brambles on the track ready for the councillors visit. We cleared the area around the fire in the wagon and got it alight, it fired up easily and we kept it going most of the day, we will need it in the winter.

It was nice to meet Hanora and Abi who walked down from the holiday cottages where they were staying, I showed them round the mill and visitor centre. A Red Kite was flying overhead, these are a regular sight now. Eddie removed nails from the pallets we salvaged, these are for making a compost bay and wildlife habitat as part of our green community grant project.

Graham Bartlett                

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