Blue Flower

10/3/22 At The Maltings we saw an Egret in a tree, and on our way to the mill a Kingfisher flew along the river. 

We brought bat boxes, bird food and storage tubs with us and filled up the feeders, we saw Robins, Great Tits, Blue Tits, Long Tailed Tits and a Chaffinch. Pied Wagtails were going into the water wheel, I checked to see if they had nested in there but so far they have not, so the first job was putting up another open fronted nest box to encourage them away from nesting in the wheel. 

The nestbox camera cables installed last week were put in trunking at the bottom of the tree to prevent damage from strimming, then laid in the trench Eddie dug along the ground, into the wagon where I connected and tested the camera system. I painted the trunking brown and we filled in the trench. Eddie found some large round and square washers and a bone in the ground when laying cables. Bird food and nest boxes are part of our Green Grant.

The pair of Swans were with us all day again, I was quite close to them when working down the bank fitting trunking, but they seemed quite happy. Daffodils in the middle of the grindstones are starting to flower now which look good. 

We put our bridge across and Valerie who volunteers at the Guildhall in Kings Lynn came over and looked around, we were discussing Heritage Open Days which we both take part in, I said the bonemill always avoid the Kings Lynn weekend as we can’t compete with all their attractions. I said the bone mill will also be open for Mills Weekend on 7 & 8 May.

Eddie strimmed around the features and buildings and I cut the excess plastic sheeting off the wildlife habitat and re arranged the tiles on top, it now looks better. 

12/3/22 On Saturday six of us worked on the shed which is part of our Wildflower Meadow project. A rainwater gulley for the roof was made from OSB boards covered with fibreglass. While waiting for it to set we made the shed door and floor access hatch, followed by a trial assembly of side panels on the base, which needed one modification. The roof was then lifted onto the building which fitted perfectly.

After hot Cornish pasties for lunch provided by Beryl, the roof was lifted off, felted and battened ready for slates to be fitted on site. The shed side panels were removed and laid flat on the base in case of high winds. A Red Kite was flying near us in the afternoon. The next stage will be taking everything to the mill for assembly.

Graham Bartlett                

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