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Wednesday 9 December

Four of us worked an additional day at the heritage centre carrying on with listing the exhibits, as there is a great deal to be entered. Two people have almost completed the large bookshelf in the pulpit. This is part of the Aviation section and has around 300 books.

The leaflets and magazines from the bookshelf under the farming display were listed on a notepad ready to be transferred to the database later to make the most of the time available at the museum. These cover a variety of topics including railways, farming, lawn mowers, historic pottery, general local history, waterways, and wartime. The shelf by the desk has also been started, this includes magazines and journals from the West Norfolk local history society, Norfolk Roots, Norfolk Museums, Sandringham Estate, Norfolk Fair, and photo albums of The Maltings fire and A47 bypass.

Peter Goulding arrived to take the skull found at the bone mill to be despatched to the laboratory in Glasgow for further testing using isotope analysis. We believe we may find out more about where the person lived and their lifestyle, turn round time is about 8 weeks. We also discussed the visitor information boards we are designing for the bone mill.

Oz visited us to discuss the future of the heritage centre and to take one of his exhibits for display at another event. Oz has several tools on display at the heritage centre including a rake he made from hedgerow wood.

We also looked at some of the other exhibits in the museum like the farming display. This has a large feature panel on the wall as well as tools and implements and a box of pictures and documents. Another display panel is about village life in Narborough from Victorian times when the village was almost self sufficient, there are many old photographs. There are also displays about the River Nar valley, the railway, and RAF 59 Squadron.

There is a large folding display stand with photos, sketches and plans of the bone mill, this is in addition to the finds display. A large bone mill website label was added to the display so visitors can find out further information.

No visit to the museum is complete without another look at the Ice Age section with Mammoth tusks and bones, there are also Ammonites and other fossils. Another major attraction is the model village of Narborough as it used to be, with many of the present day buildings.

Many more sessions will be needed to log all the exhibits and this will be done over the winter months when it is not possible to work at the bone mill.

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