Blue Flower

There were 3 of us today. As we are getting frosts recently I went down to the bone mill in the morning and covered the pier with sandbags then cut some geotex material and put it down on the exposed brick edge of the blacksmith area, held in place with pieces of rubble. The hammer mill covering had blown off so I put it back and held it down with bricks. These measures will prevent frost damage to the brickwork. I saw a Heron flying along the river on my way back.

At The Maltings workshop, the shaft we painted last week had some angle brackets made for it and the pulleys were moved along the shaft so it could be made into a seat. Two surplus buckets made for the water wheel were used, one as a seat and one as a backrest. These were drilled and bolted onto the large cast iron brackets which has made a good seat for outside use at the bone mill.

We found some old sprocket wheels on a shaft and have begun to make a table out of them to go with the seat. Fred has fitted a tongue and groove ceiling in the railway wagon which looks really good.

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