Blue Flower

We had various activities in different places today. There were four of us and we started with some community work clearing the footpath beside the school as it was covered in wet leaves. Dennis and John provided wheelbarrows and tools so we swept the leaves up and bagged them for use as compost by the school, as they have a small garden. Councillor Peter Wilkinson also joined us and helped with clearing the path, as he and John organised this event. We will probably do more of this sort of work over the winter when there is less to do at the bone mill.

Three of us then went to the maltings and I finished nailing the ceiling of the railway wagon, then sanded down the joints and varnished it. Fred has fitted the window in one doorway, the wagon can be positioned to give a good view of the river when its taken to the bone mill. Fred also fitted new plywood sheets to the end panels, and the original catches which hold the doors open have been painted and fitted.

Dennis and John worked on the seat they made last week. It was taken apart and the machinery parts were painted black, the seat panel and backrest will be left outside to weather a little to give a lightly etched surface for painting. They also did more work on the table made from old gear wheels, a shaft to fit the bevel gear was cut to length and welded to the table leg shaft and all the table parts were painted with red oxide.

In the afternoon David and I went to Meadway where the wagon came from, to do a bit more clearing up as it was a sunny day and a chance to have another bonfire. The old kitchen cupboards and a pig pen were taken apart and burned along with other rubbish. Several trees have come down in the recent high winds and need to be cut up with a chainsaw and the fence needs to be repaired. 

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