Blue Flower

Another day working at the wagon, there were four of us - the usual suspects! John and Dennis were in the workshop painting the seat and backrest panels with red oxide. They also painted the table made from gear wheels in green. The seat and back panels will be painted matching green which will contrast well with the black machinery parts of the bench.

Dennis has used an old window sill to make some cup holders to fit the holes in the gear wheel which forms the table top. Dennis has used his woodworking skills several times before at the bone mill, making bearing cap covers for the water wheel and dowels for the gate frame arch.

Eddie and Graham worked in the wagon putting another coat of varnish on the ceiling. Then they cut off surplus silicone sealant between plywood panels and rubbed down the joints where black paint had come through from the outside and sanded off other marks.

Graham handed out the business cards we had printed for publicising the bone mill project. Everyone involved will have a supply of cards which can be given to people when talking about the bone mill so they are more likely to view the website and get involved. Some cards will be left in the railway wagon for visitors, some will be left at public places like the heritage centre. The cards were designed by Graham Bartlett and composed in our desktop publishing software by Graeme Brown.

Beryl kept us all supplied with tea throughout the day and the weather was good enough for us to sit outside for lunch. In the afternoon we all went out to work on the wagon. Loose nuts were tightened up and the extra long bolts which had to be used in some places were ground off flush. Then we all painted the outside of the wagon with red oxide, we finished painting just as it started to rain, fortunately it dries quickly.

We wanted to get some pictures of the wagon before and after painting the outside, so Graham moved the forklift out of the way and took some photos. The last job was to clear out the wagon as the floor is going to be sanded and varnished soon, so rubbish was put in the skip and everything else in the wagon was taken to the workshop and the wagon floor was swept.    

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