Blue Flower

This was our Christmas party, the weather was not on our side, the event was almost cancelled as there was a weather warning of high winds and rain, but that did not deter us.

This was a working day too, so tools were loaded on the trailer to finish off the wooden gate frame, a new site toilet was prepared and loaded into the digger bucket, and Debra brought lots of sausages, burgers and rolls. Just as we were about to leave we were told a tree had come down across the track just before the mill. We went down in convoy, stopping to collect the barbecue from the railway piers. When we got to the fallen tree we crossed into the field and pulled the tree off the track with the digger. Then we went on to the mill where we unloaded the tools and barbecue, and Debra had it alight quickly despite the heavy wind and rain. The use of about 20 firelighters and a blowtorch got it going.

The photographer from Lynn News walked down with some of the volunteers and was taking pictures of the work done including the new gate frame and some group photos.

Holes were drilled in the oak frame for the wooden dowels which had been turned, and these were fitted in the joints, Adam drove in the first one. After a few holes the drill burnt out so this work stopped and we built a shelter over the barbecue to protect the cooks from the elements a bit. Adam removed some of the many weeds from the scaffold poles as they had built up since last time. Most of us were either keeping warm working or huddled in the container sheltering from the wind and rain. We had sausage rolls while waiting for the barbecue food to cook.

Debra and Abbie cooked hot dogs and burgers which were handed out, as there was a surplus we felt a duty to have seconds. This was followed by cakes, one made by Sarah Greeno was a replica of the wheel with chocolate fingers for the spokes, and it was delicious. Lynnette made a cake which was also lovely and Dennis helped us keep warm with a constant supply of hot chocolate and coffee made on a camping stove.

Despite the weather we had a good time and got some work done too. Having a barbecue in November we were taking a chance on the weather, but it brightened up a bit later and the rain eventually stopped. Next year we will probably have a barbecue in the summer though.       

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