Blue Flower

Last weekend several jobs were done on the wagon, mouldings had been fitted to interior end panels to cover the join between top and bottom boards, handles had been fitted to the kitchen unit doors, and a roof lip fitted over both sides of the wagon doors to keep water out.

There were 8 of us working at various times today. We put up display panels on the walls, including a glass display cabinet. Fixing blocks were drilled out to secure the panels to the walls, and the glass cabinet was drilled and countersunk then fixed in place. The displays will be used for open days.

We counterbored the window frame to allow the main doors to close fully, disguising the holes by fixing bolt heads into them with sealant. These and several other areas were painted. The site became a photographic studio briefly, as we need a picture of the elevator against a plain background to put on our interpretation boards which will be on site at the mill and the opposite bank giving information about the bone mill and restoration project.

Lunch outside is becoming a tradition and today was no exception. In the afternoon two of us went to the mill with a label for the notice board to encourage walkers to take a card with the website address. This meant crossing the river again so we took waders with us. We covered up the hammer mill once more, as the sheet was loose again. Snowdrops were out on the river bank which gave a good view.

Back at the wagon, striking plates were painted and refitted to the outside, these protect the plywood sides from damage when the doors are fully opened. The cargo plate brackets had been removed so these were refitted.

We couldn’t see where the remaining brackets go, so we looked at pictures taken when the wagon was moved. They show there is one right hand bracket on each side panel and both left hand ones are missing. So now we know where to fit them on the new plywood panels, and another set needs to be made to replace missing ones.

Finally the stands which support the wagon were drilled and bolted to the underside, this involved removing the kitchen unit to access holes in the floor and we made captive bolt heads, screwed to the floor. The stands can be removed for transporting the wagon and refitted easily on site.

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