Blue Flower

The Heritage Centre have given us display boards for inside the railway wagon, these will be used for showing photos, sketches and visual aids. There are enough panels for all round the walls, we will make brackets to fit them to the plywood.

Five volunteers worked today doing various tasks. Last week we decided we need a box of cards on the sign post opposite the mill so walkers can take one and view the website. Dennis brought a waterproof box and made a bracket to hold it to the sign post and screwed the box to it with silicone. As he didn’t have a sealant gun he had to improvise with a piece of pipe. The bench seat was assembled and a post hammer was made ready for putting up fencing. Eddie painted the window frame and put a second coat of varnish inside the wagon.

Graham and David took fencing back to the community centre as we are getting our own fencing for the mill. Then they went to the mill to fit the box of cards to the signpost, and bring back re-sealable bags for the time capsule which is being organised with the school. We needed to cross the river, so we connected two aluminium scaffold panels together with poles to make a bridge but we didn’t have a spanner to tighten the nuts, so decided to come back another time with a spanner. We secured the covering over the hammer mill which had blown loose again then went back to The Maltings and saw an Egret on the way.

Then we walked to the Heritage Centre and used a long pruner to cut down a Buddleia which was growing out of the porch. On the way back we stopped to look at the view of the river with Snowdrops and Daffodils, with The Maltings in the distance. We noticed some areas of litter which we can clear as part of our Clean For The Queen event.

We now have a camping stove which will be used in the wagon on site to make tea, and we connected a gas bottle and tested it in the workshop. This was another sunny day so we had lunch outside again.

In the afternoon Graham painted the back of the bench seat green before going to the mill again, this time with Eddie to fit the card box, armed with a spanner. When we arrived we decided the safest way to get to the other side was using the road bridge at the far end of the track so we did this and fitted the card box to the sign post. On our way back we cleared away the scaffolding.

Back at the workshop some of the metal wagon fittings had been painted as well as the stands which will support the wagon on site. Bolts were fitted which were missing from outside the wagon and ground flush.

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