Blue Flower

Brickwork on the end wall was carried out on Saturday by Fred and his family, this was viewed by Graham and Jan who walked along the footpath in the afternoon. The sign post on the footpath side was falling over so this was straightened and the cards were topped up. Nesting boxes put up last week by Dennis are already in use, Blue Tits have moved into one opposite the mill.

On Thursday there were 7 volunteers working at the mill. I took the tractor and trailer as the first job was loading scaffolding (used for building the new walls) onto the trailer as this is no longer needed. We also moved sandbags from the building area and stacked them beside the big container and covered them with fabric, the whole area now looks much tidier.

Displays inside the wagon were changed, the Victorian bone mill photograph is now up on the wall. Historic information about the river and maltings was put in the glass display panel. Kings Lyn Ramblers went past on the footpath opposite and were asking about our work, we explained what we had done and they took cards so they could view the website.

Soil was removed from the building area near the furnace which revealed a brick floor, finds from this area were sheet metal, nails and a staple. The soil was re-used to cover the area by the river wall and raked over, it will be seeded with grass and wild flowers.

We had hot dogs, rolls and onions in the wagon again which Debra cooked for us, as well as making tea for us all. We saw a Deer in the field across the river from the wagon.

In the afternoon we lit a bonfire as there were tree roots from last week, rotten pallets and dead branches to burn. The pallets were from bricks which were stored at various places that we moved near the wagon where they will be needed to repair walls, fortunately there are still a few bags of Roman cement left over for this.

In the furnace area the wall was uncovered and we found it turned 90 degrees, when digging this area ash was found as well as a large amount of slates which we believe are from the roof of the buildings when they were demolished. There were also around 10 pieces of grind stone found in this area, these were washed in river water and recorded along with the other finds which included a knife handle with the words 'Warranted London'

The elevator pit was cleared out and bricks removed from the bottom. We previously cemented bricks in place to mount the elevator onto, but we now have a large piece of oak to use, this is more authentic as it was originally mounted on wood, most of which had rotted away. The elevator will be re-installed soon.

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