Blue Flower

Narborough Churchyard

On Tuesday a team of four bonemill volunteers cleared up the extended churchyard. We raked up leaves and twigs from the footpaths and cut back the weeping willow which was hanging low over the path. Fallen branches which had come down in the last high winds were cut up and cleared, then made into habitat piles for wildlife.

Brambles and Ivy were cleared from many areas especially where they were invading paths and banks. Jan brought us tea and biscuits then cut Ivy from around trees to prevent it damaging them, the tree in the far corner had extra trunks coming up so one was cut down to keep the main tree healthy.

The metal fence bordering the footpath was broken in the corner so this was drilled and bolted together, and the wooden fence opposite was leaning over so this was reset and propped back upright. The tall Elder and Ivy in this area were cut down lower and put in the bushes to make a habitat area.

One of the nesting boxes by the pond was swinging loose so it was fixed at the bottom with a piece of wood and a new one was put up so now there are three nesting boxes for small birds. The bottom of one nest box is falling out, but the ladder would not reach high enough so it could not be repaired.

A very small amount of litter was noticed so we litter picked the area. A Squirrel was running around in the Beech tree and there was a Moorhen and Duck on the pond. Although the Snowdrops had finished, there were Bluebells, Primroses and a few Daffodils in flower. 

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