Blue Flower

When we arrived at the maltings the floor panels for the footbridge had been painted and the new wooden rungs had been fitted. There were 5 volunteers and we all went to the bonemill, on the way we saw Geese, Ducks & Swans. Earthworks were carried out last weekend, the spoil heaps are much smaller now and earth has been put down next to the river wall and where the wall is being repaired.

David and Eddie worked in the chimney / furnace area digging the layer of ash found last week, they found more pieces of grindstone, coprolite (fossilised animal dung), part of a grille or drain cover, nails and a large metal plate.

Soil beside the wall was raked and Graham brought several loads of soil from the heaps to level out the hollows, this area is now ready to be seeded with grass. Finds in the spoil heaps were a whalebone sawn at both ends, large bolt, and small oyster shell. Dennis investigated the area next to the elevator pit with a trowel and found a large staple and some nails. For a list and pictures of what was found, see the Finds section.

We had hot dogs, rolls and onions again, which we all enjoyed. Having cooking and tea making facilities on site slows us down as we seem to spend more time eating and drinking. Several walkers went past on the footpath and took cards from the box. In the afternoon Graham crossed the river and topped up the card box and straightened the sign post as it was leaning over again.

Dennis uncovered the building floor area where we had previously found a wooden structure, and large circular metal plate with notch. This had been covered for winter to protect from frost, but we wanted to examine it as we are told it was probably a mixer where they treated bones with acid, which would explain the white coloured bricks in this area.

Eddie worked on the elevator pit surround, cleaning the brickwork ready for it to be repaired so a cover can be fitted. Graham recorded finds from today and the weekend which included a horseshoe, spoon, rib bones and nails.

Dennis and Eddie cleared rubble from the main trench and put it on the rubble heap, the site was surveyed to assess how many fence posts would be needed, as we now have the barrier tape and fixing kit for the fencing system ready for the open days

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