Blue Flower

This was a working day fitting our swing bridge, plus a barbecue and opening ceremony to celebrate getting our Clean For The Queen grant which we used to help restore our railway wagon.

The day started by loading up the tractor and trailer with the elevator and swinging footbridge we made for people to cross the river from the footpath on open days, and for volunteers to cross the river for working.

On site we unloaded the bridge and handrails, then moved the quoin stones away from where the bridge is going. The rotating mechanism made from a car wheel hub had already been set into the ground. The bridge was mounted on the tilting plate attached to the hub and swung into position, sandbags and bricks holding it level each end until we make proper supports. Then the handrails were fitted and we tested it by going across the river, it feels fairly stable but will be solid when finished.

The elevator has been restored and repainted so it was carried to its original pit and placed in it resting on the bottom until we get a suitable piece of timber to mount it on. A Kestrel was hovering very nearby several times.

The table made from maltings machinery parts was carried to its new location next to the seat and a hole was dug. A scaffold pole was cut to make a fixing tube which was hammered into the ground which the table leg stands in. When we put the table top made from a gear wheel on the shaft it would not fit as it had rusted, so we need to remove, rub down and refit it. Holes were dug for setting the seat into, the seat was put in position.

Inside the wagon the fire was lit and the latest historic pictures were put on the display panels. Tea and bacon sandwiches were made for us all. The visitors were looking at pictures of how the site looked before work started, and the progress of the restoration.

The photographer from Lynn News arrived and Councillor Peter Wilkinson joined us. A ribbon was put across the wagon doors and we all gathered round, Peter cut the ribbon and declared the wagon open, the photographer got some pictures of this then took some of Peter being shown the displays inside the wagon, and of the grindstones and water wheel.

We then started the barbecue while most of the visitors tried out the bridge and explored the site on both sides of the river. When the sausages and burgers were cooked we put up the union flag, had a glass of wine with our food and toasted the Queen, wishing her a happy 90th birthday.

Work continued by digging a hole ready for the time capsule which will be buried on site by the children of Narborough School, and removing the arch former from the tunnel which had been bricked up where the end was damaged. We used the bridge to go and fill up the box of cards and tidy up the opposite river bank. This was a very enjoyable day and we hope to get some publicity from the Newspaper article.       

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